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The most exciting thing that’s happened to me is watching that balance grow in my business bank account. I can hardly believe it’s real – $142,000.

I Made $142,000 in My First Year as a Part-Time Legal Nurse Consultant

by Lynn Hydo, RN, MBA, CLNC

I’ve worked in New York hospitals for 20 years, in surgical ICU and critical care. Before I became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I was already reviewing cases to help my boss. He took all the credit and enjoyed all the success. A colleague suggested I enroll in LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Certification Program and become an independent CLNC consultant. I did, and since then, tremendous things have happened.

My CLNC training taught me to focus. Instead of spending time on irrelevant research – looking for a needle in a haystack – I learned to get to the heart of a case quickly. I know how to single out the key elements. Attorneys appreciate this, and I’ve stayed busy completing a case a week. In my first year as a part-time CLNC consultant, I did about 50 cases at an average of nearly $3,000 per case.

Caring for Attorneys the Way I Care for My Patients Keeps Them Coming Back

I’ve done a little marketing – business cards, Christmas cards, a few Christmas gifts to my biggest clients – but most of my business comes through referral. Word of mouth is the best. All it takes to generate referrals is giving your attorney-clients the same individualized care you’d give a patient.

If an attorney needs information on a particular product, disease or other subject, I can find it. For one of my cases I did extensive research on a rare germ found in a patient. But hands down, my most popular CLNC service is the chronology – that’s what I deliver most often.

If a case is time sensitive, I push it to the head of the queue. I can turn a case around in less than a week, working on it day and night, if that’s what my attorney-client needs. Providing this kind of service wins me repeat business as well as good referrals.

I Used to Come Up Short Financially – Now I’m a Woman of Means

Succeeding as a CLNC consultant takes perseverance, not only when business is good and you have more work than time, but also when your desk is empty and you wonder if you’ll get another case.

Before I became a CLNC consultant, I was doing all right financially, but occasionally I came up a little short when it was time to pay the mortgage. Now I’m a woman of means. The most exciting thing that’s happened to me is watching that balance grow in my business bank account. I can hardly believe it’s real – $142,000 – and I achieved this working just part time.

I know my business will get even better over time. When you do a good job, there’s always another case around the corner. Someday I’ll consider becoming a full-time CLNC consultant, but for now part time is paying off big. I finally have a bank account that makes me feel secure. What’s more exciting than that?

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