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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, CLCP, CALM, CLNC built a $500,000 CLNC business in 13 months. Watch this video or read the transcript below to learn how he did it.

CLNC® Consultant Robert Malaer Shares How He Built a $500,000 CLNC Business in 13 Months

Video – Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, CLCP, CALM, CLNC

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Robert Malaer, RN, MSN, CLCP, CALM, CLNC built a $500,000 CLNC business in 13 months. Watch this video or read the transcript below to learn how he did it.

Vickie: This is Robert Malaer, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. I’m so impressed with you Robert, and I want you to tell other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants how you made this happen.

Robert: We made a business decision and poured all of our efforts into making our legal nurse consulting business work. Marketing was the biggest thing for us in making that happen.

Vickie: So this is a business. It’s not a hobby. So often when I see people not achieve the goals they’re trying to achieve, they’re approaching their business as a hobby. You said you made this a dedicated business. I know you also mentioned that you got your first attorney-client on LinkedIn. Do you want to tell us about that?

Robert: Actually, I didn’t even know what LinkedIn was. My wife was a corporate marketer for a company we worked for, and she set up our LinkedIn account. And the important thing I want to express to anyone doing this type of legal nurse consultant job is make sure that everything you do is professional. Make sure that you present yourself in manner you want to be seen, whether it’s on the Internet or in person.

Vickie: Absolutely. I’m so glad you mentioned that because we all know that there is no such thing as privacy in social media. I obviously have a lot of friends and a lot of connections on social media and sometimes, frankly, I’m shocked at some of the unprofessionalism that I witness. You’ve got it all together – the way you stand, the way you look and the way you conduct yourself in places like social media. Tell us about your nursing background and how you tied that into helping attorneys on cases.

Robert: I was in corrections for 7½ years. I’m a national auditor for the American Correctional Association and we come to legal conference events like this to meet attorneys. I totally believe in the one-to-one, putting your face and getting your name in front them. That one-to-one contact with attorneys is the most important thing. You can’t be shy, and I bring that aspect of everything I’ve done in life to this and the legal nurse consultant jobs. You have to put yourself out there. You can’t be shy, and you have to be comfortable with who you are. If you’re not confident, they’re not going to be confident in you.

Vickie: The key is you’re very conversational. I always tell Certified Legal Nurse Consultants that it’s not about pitching. It’s not about a sales script. It’s about being real and having real conversations. These attorneys are brilliant, and you just want to get in there and have a real conversation with them about how your nursing expertise can make a difference.

Robert: Absolutely.

Vickie: You have really good news in terms of how you’re doing. Tell me about that.

Robert: We have been highly successful. Like I said, we have poured everything into this business. It is our livelihood. We quit our corporate jobs as an executive director and a corporate marketer, my wife and I. We have now been doing this for thirteen months and we have been highly successful. We’ll make almost $500,000 this year.

Vickie: Congratulations!

Robert: I would tell anybody considering doing this that the Institute is the way to go. Don’t be scared. Go out there and meet the attorneys. Go to their offices. Make yourself memorable. One of our marketing tools is my wife’s homemade jalapeno cheese bread. We’re from Texas, but we live in Oregon, so we take it to the attorneys and it’s memorable. It works.

It’s like anything in life, if you don’t try it, if you don’t put yourself out there, you’ll never be comfortable at it.

Be confident in who you are. Be confident in what you know. You went to nursing school. You’re a professional and you’re presenting your professional opinion on matters that the attorneys are asking you about. Being able to do that sets you apart as a professional. So think of yourself in that way.

Vickie: Congratulations, Robert. I’m looking forward to all of your future success. Thank you.

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