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My definition of success is looking at not just my career, but also taking a plan and executing it. That’s success no matter what the outcome is.

CLNC® Consultant, Jennifer Johnson, Describes How She Designs and Plans Her Nursing Career as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Video – Jennifer Johnson, RN, BSN, MBA, CLNC

Vickie: I’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Johnson, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Jennifer thank you so much for joining me here today.

Jennifer: Thank you for inviting me.

Vickie: Jennifer, I know you started your legal nurse consulting business last year and it seems like you’re doing pretty well. Congratulations for that. What motivated you to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Jennifer: I looked at the skill sets that I have, and I’ve always liked to research even before I became a registered nurse, so the skills of research and my skills in nursing and learning something new is what motivated me.

Vickie: What personal traits have contributed to your success?

Jennifer: I’m self-motivated, so getting out there and executing a business plan, that’s really what got me out there to do this for myself.

Vickie: So being motivated and taking action every day like we talk about in the CLNC Certification Program.

Jennifer: Yes, I have calendars that I use to plan out my day and make sure I stay on track.

Vickie: That’s helpful. When you made the decision to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant did you have any fears, and if yes, how did you overcome those fears?

Jennifer: Yes, I did have fears. I’m more of an introverted person, so I actually had to make marketing plans and whether I felt like it or not, I just picked up the phone and made introductions. I went to a conference for attorneys. I got out there, and even though I was fearful of it, once I got there everybody was so nice, so it’s actually about going despite the fear.

Vickie: You’re saying a couple of things here that are important. First, you said you’re an introvert. I always say introverts probably make the best people for analyzing the cases because you sit there, take your time with the medical records and if you’re at your desk for several hours, you’re not looking for interaction with other people as much as the extroverts. So it’s not a bad trait to be an introvert, but I also like that you said that you pushed yourself despite your fear. In other words, once you got out there, these lawyers weren’t as scary as you thought they would be, and that’s so true for any aspect of pursuing something isn’t it? We’re always going to have fears, but it’s people like you who say “Okay, I’ve got it, I’m going to acknowledge it, but I’m going to move on anyway.” Was it worth it?

Jennifer: Oh yes, it was definitely worth the ride, and I’m still enjoying the ride.

Vickie: What do you love most about owning your CLNC® business?

Jennifer: You get a lot of autonomy. You get to make your own schedules and every case is so different. It’s a very exciting career and I like having different experiences with each case.

Vickie: So you can see doing this for a long time and not getting bored or burned out?

Jennifer: Definitely, you never get bored. Every case is different. It’s also what’s going on, like COVID-19, so you have new cases and new things coming up constantly.

Vickie: That’s going to be true as long as we’re in this industry. There’s always going to be new litigation, and you like being able to get involved in new types of litigation?

Jennifer: Yes, I do, it’s keeping me aware of what’s out there, new opportunities. Even if I don’t get a case, I’m considered an expert.

Vickie: How would you say your CLNC® business has changed your life and how would you say it’s changed you personally?

Jennifer: It’s changed my life because not only was I thinking of a business – I always wanted to go into business. As a nurse I wanted to find out what type of business I could go into and when I looked into legal nurse consulting a former co-worker said that I would make a good legal nurse consultant. I found out it was skills that I’ve always wanted to hone in on like research, looking at how different diseases play out with personal injuries and cause and effect. That was always something that I wanted to do. As far as it helping my life, the autonomy, increased confidence, being considered an expert and the ability to know that I can have an income just with legal nurse consulting.

Vickie: So this is your business, a business not a hobby. How would you say being an independent legal nurse consultant is different than working inside the health care system?

Jennifer: With the autonomy you get to create your day. You get to design and plan how you would like your career to be. Once you plan it, you execute it. Instead of going to a job that’s already created for you it gives you more creativity. I’m more creative now because of that.

Vickie: So you feel like you’re more the driver of your own working life?

Jennifer: Definitely yes.

Vickie: What is your definition of success?

Jennifer: My definition of success is looking at not just my career, but also taking a plan and executing it. That’s success no matter what the outcome is. Also, when I think about the rest of my life it’s enjoying the moment, enjoying the journey, enjoying friends and family, as well as my career and aspiring to be a healthier individual.

Vickie: That’s a fantastic definition of success. Thank you so much Jennifer and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your success.

Jennifer: Thank you too Vickie. I’m enjoying myself.

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