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Every day I wake up feeling free. I have the freedom to take care of my son’s needs and I’m happy! I absolutely love what I do. I feel truly appreciated for everything I do as a CLNC® consultant.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Discusses the Joy of Waking Up Free Every Day

by Katrina J., RN, CLNC

My adult life started as expected. Graduating in the top ten of my high school class I went straight on to college, completed my degrees and landed my dream job. I loved being a nurse and taking care of patients. My life was on track. I was independent, owned a house and had a comfortable bank account balance. Then I met the man of my dreams, got married and had a beautiful child three years later.

Less than two years into my son’s life, my life as I knew it changed. He was diagnosed with a life changing disability and I had to leave the RN job I loved to focus on caring for my son. My husband was devastated and unable to come to terms or cope with our son’s disability. We got divorced.

My life was flipped upside down. I had to face the fact that I was a single parent to a disabled child. I knew I couldn’t have the nursing career I loved and also provide the level of care that my son needed. I wanted more from life. I wanted the freedom to be independent again. I knew there was more to my life than my current situation. My son became the “Why” to my determination for success. That’s when I found my courage and stepped out in faith.

I completed the CLNC Online Certification Program and aced the certification exam. I was excited and motivated. But the biggest thing that stayed in my mind from the CLNC Certification Program was, “I will take one action step a day toward my passionate vision.” I was ready to get started, but I let not having a business background intimidate me. I had 16 years of nursing experience and my CLNC Certification from, but I was still afraid and full of doubt. I was, however, determined to be a successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

So I did exactly what the Institute teaches in the CLNC Certification Program. I ordered my business cards, dressed for success and carried myself professionally. I visited attorney’s offices, introduced myself and offered my CLNC services to them. In less than a month, I got my first interview. From there, I did my homework. I educated myself as much as I could about the law firm and prepared myself for all the possible questions. I was so nervous, but I was determined to walk out of that law firm with my first legal nurse consultant job. And I did. I did my happy dance before I got to my car!

One attorney, one case – that’s all it takes. Landing my first case made my confidence soar. I now work with attorneys throughout the U.S. Most of my current clients are from word of mouth and referrals. I also still work with my first attorney-client. I consult part-time and my legal nurse consultant salary is much higher than my previous full-time RN job income. By year end I’m planning to take my CLNC business to another level and I’m so excited.

Every day I wake up feeling free. I have the freedom to take care of my son’s needs and I’m happy! I absolutely love what I do. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant your words seem to speak volumes. I receive a great amount of respect for my nursing knowledge from my attorney-clients as well as from my community. I feel truly appreciated for everything I do as a CLNC consultant. gave my future back to me. My son is doing well and has come a long way since his diagnosis. We live a happy life. I have the freedom to spend time with him whenever he needs me. I could not have done it without my legal nurse consultant training from the Institute.

Today, I continue to follow the Institute’s advice to do something every day toward my CLNC business and my dreams. Each day I focus on my short-term goals and I work toward my long-term goals. I’m excited for my future as a successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

Thank you and your wonderful team at the Institute for helping me achieve my nursing and legal nurse consulting dreams. I’m forever grateful.

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