Vickie Milazzo’s Story

Vickie’s Legal Nurse Consulting Story

Vickie Milazzo's Legal Nurse Consulting Story

After six years in nursing, I faced the reality that I was unhappy with the direction of my nursing career. I was working hard but realized that my passion for nursing and my patients was being crushed under the weight of long hours, stressful workloads, and little appreciation. I still wanted to be a nurse, but on my own terms. I wanted to start my own business, be my own boss, and make my own rules! So I started on the journey that led me to create the legal nurse consultant profession.

I’ve stood in your shoes for those 12-hour shifts.

That is why I’ve spent the past 38 years being 100% committed to helping registered nurses who want to infuse their careers with the same passion and fulfillment I did.

I invite you to read more about how I got started, some of the challenges I overcame, and how my experiences have shaped the most comprehensive legal nurse consultant training in the industry.

I knew that I loved nursing and wanted to continue doing it, but I wanted to do it on my own terms, so I created my own nursing profession.

Vickie L. Milazzo
As quoted in the Progressive

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