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Dear Potential Legal Nurse Consultants:

Andrew L. Todesco, AttorneyWhen I started out as a malpractice attorney, I did all the laborious work of trying to learn medicine and nursing myself. As my practice grew, I relied on medical doctors as consultants, and frankly, they aren’t very good educators.

Turning to Vickie Milazzo as my legal nurse consultant paid big dividends. Vickie’s multifaceted consultation has been invaluable on my cases. She is both an excellent organizer and a superb educator.

As you know, a hospital chart contains thousands of bits of information. Vickie teaches nurses to interpret this huge amount of complex data, explain what’s important in lay terms and clarify how it fits into the overall case analysis.

I’m one of a million attorneys who need CLNC® consultants.

Andrew L. Todesco
Attorney at Law

She shows RNs how to turn even the most involved case into a coherent, interesting narrative that I’m able to follow and present persuasively to the jury. I’ve seen the work product of other legal nurse consultants, but Vickie’s work and her training of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are unparalleled – the gold standard of the legal nurse consulting profession.

Any attorney is foolish not to take advantage of the skills and talent available from RNs like Vickie and the CLNC® consultants who have mastered her system. No one else could do what they can do to save me time and money in preparing medical-related cases. No legal assistant would be aware of the latest healthcare issues and understand how they apply to my cases.

Vickie and the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants she has trained make me a better lawyer and play a big role in my success. If she can do that for me, just think what she can do for your career. Vickie prepares you to be an asset to your own attorney-clients. I guarantee you will be learning from the expert in this field.

With all my best wishes for your success,

Andrew L. Todesco, JD
Attorney at Law

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