Kiss 12-Hour Shifts Goodbye!

Registered Nurses, stop enduring
exhausting hours, little respect and low
pay in your current RN job. Become a
Certified Legal Nurse Consultant and
take control of your career.

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant You:


  • Can earn up to $150/hr*, part time or full time
  • Have the flexibility to control your own hours
  • Get the respect you deserve for your nursing expertise!

Use your years of experience as a registered nurse to work closely with attorneys to help them understand the terminology and subtleties of the healthcare system the way only an RN can.

In just 5 days (Live or Online), Vickie Milazzo will personally teach you her proven CLNC® Success System. With the most comprehensive curriculum in the industry and free mentoring as long as you remain certified, Vickie Milazzo Institute is the nation’s leading program for legal nurse consulting certification.

Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD
The Pioneer of Legal Nurse Consulting for 34 Years

“I work with one of the largest firms in town and not one attorney has batted an eye at my $125/hr fee.”* ADONA DRISCOLL, RN, CLNC
* Results are atypical and may vary from person to person.

* Consulting fees may vary.

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